Our wellness platform

Your Journey Starts Here

How we track your progress

Our wellness platform is an empowerment tool: a way for you to take control of your future health metrics and advanced wellness education. It goes far beyond a simple, one-dimensional program like calorie trackers or running programs by providing comprehensive, multi-measurement assessments. Best of all, the entire program is bundled in a “gamified” and social health enhancement program that let’s you share your journey with others on the same quest. If you are working with a coach, he or she will have a dashboard that lets them see your progress and tools to intervene to help you stay on course.


Security is built in from the start. Feel confident knowing our highly secure data center keeps your private health information secure.

Quarterly Challenges

Quarterly challenges will be created to keep engagement high and competition ongoing. Emails will be sent to remind participants to sign up and to encourage them along the way.


Exercise is a potent tool for enhancing wellness. Our platform offers the most powerful movement tools and fitness assessments in the field.

Small Actions

Small actions performed every day have the power to build into long-lasting healthy routines.


Integration with over 170 apps and wearable devices plus a companion mobile web app make member participation a breeze, even on the go.