Who We Serve - Employers

The rising cost of healthcare coupled with the aging population is presenting significant challenges for self-insured employers.

Research shows that common modifiable health risk factors such as obesity, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, and tobacco use significantly impact the direct and indirect health costs to employers. Our wellness programs are custom designed to assist you in keeping your employees healthier while keeping your healthcare costs down. In a recent analysis of the true cost of poor health for American businesses, data showed:

  • Obesity-related medical claims accounted for 2.8 percent of all medical costs for adults ages 19 to 64 years old.
  • Among overweight and obese adults, each one-unit increase in body mass index (BMI) yielded an additional $119.70 in medical costs and $82.60 in drug costs.
  • Medical care charges for employees with no days of physical activity were approximately 4.7 percent higher than charges for those who were active one day a week.
  • Medical charges for smokers were 18.1 percent higher than charges for nonsmokers.