Mental health awareness is gaining more attention with each passing day. Covid-19 brought underlying mental health problems to the surface, adding to the stress of the pandemic. Isolation, limited contact with friends and family, loss of jobs, and business closings all contributed to high-stress levels and severe anxiety. Mental health issues are just as real as having a broken arm. Just like a broken arm needs to be taken care of medically, some mental health issues need to be taken care of by a professional. These professionals have the knowledge to help people with serious mental health concerns and can counsel them to a mentally healthier lifestyle. But what about other mental health issues that aren’t as serious, like having a stressful day? HealthMed has solutions for those kinds of concerns. In fact, it’s our passion to help people become better versions of themselves.

            Anything we do in life starts with a thought, and that thought must be implemented through action. If our thoughts are overcome by stress, fear, anxiety, or depression, then our actions will most likely be influenced by those feelings, leaving us stuck in a rut. At HealthMed, our focus is on positive psychology to help retrain our brains to implement the actions needed for a healthier lifestyle. Topics like self-improvement, habit-breaking, creativity, and focus can help you become a better version of yourself while also helping to control your stress levels. Our practical tools include access to our Stress Overload survey- which categorizes your stress level based on your answers. Once you know your stress level, specific tools will be provided to help you deal with your stress. We also provide a newsletter that explores groundbreaking information about positive psychology and focuses on self-improvement topics and mindset management. For people that want personal help, we provide access to Edoc tele-counseling where you can speak to the same professional counselor with unlimited calls.

            HealthMed wants to provide mental health improvement for everyone on all levels. In addition to nutrition and exercise, we provide practical tools for positive psychology. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your organization, please contact us at