COVID-19 Return to Work Solutions

  • COVID-19 Antibody Test Kit
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Barrier Protection
  • Mental/Behavioral Assessments
  • Identification of at-Risk Employees

COVID-19 Antibody Test Kit

Our COVID-19 antibody test, using a capillary blood sample, is useful for the detection of individuals who may have developed immunity to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This antibody test is also especially helpful for tracking the spread of the virus as it also identifies asymptomatic carriers. Test results, in conjunction with other laboratory results and clinical information, may be also used to help in the presumptive diagnosis of COVID-19. The screening test is primarily used to detect exposure to the virus in the recent past by measuring the immune response lined to the infection (Antibody IgG/IgM).

Remote Monitoring

As you know, contagious illnesses like COVID-19 can spread quickly throughout your workforce and jeopardize your employee’s safe return to productivity. Employers will want to proactively target symptoms through remote monitoring using home solution-tracking. (The employee could test themselves before ever stepping foot onto the job site.) Our solution includes a Bluetooth Thermometer and a Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter, which will share the gathered data via a portal with their employer to determine the ready to work status. Our service monitors this portal and your employees’ vitals to alert stakeholders immediately of employee signs of illness and make appropriate referrals for testing or purchase of an in-home COVID-19 test.

Hand Sanitizer

For those employees returning to work, our Hand Sanitizer protects your employees. In addition to rules for safe distancing and the use of masks in the workplace, this layer of protection ensures that surfaces and hands are not sources of transmission in areas where employees frequent during the day. While gallon jugs are available for cleaning surfaces at the workplace, employees can also receive hand-sanitizer spray bottles for personal use before work. Approved by and manufactured following strict guidelines from the EPA, FDA, CDC, USDA and NSF.

Barrier Protection

Active barrier bonds to treated surfaces for long term protection between cleanings. The protective barrier reduces the risk of cross-contamination on high touch and at-risk surfaces. Highly effective in reducing ATP scores and acts as an effective bacteriostatic coating. Fast and convenient spray and wipe application. Cured treatments remain effective in the presence of bleach between disinfections. EPA registered.

Mental & Behavioral Assessments

To assess your employee’s behavioral health response to the COVID-19 crisis, our team administers surveys that ascertain the mental strain of illness, isolation, and reduced work capacity on your employees while identifying up to 60 variations of behavior disorders that may impact your employee’s health and wellness. With a picture of your employee’s behavioral health profile, we can help them to determine where and how to help, monitor employee treatment progress using self-administered progress surveys, and analyze data to optimized treatment and care.

At-Risk Employees

Using employer-provided medical and pharmacy claims data, our team identifies your employees who are at high risk of contracting COVID-19. Once identified, our care management team periodically checks on health status just to make sure all steps available to prevent contraction of COVID-19 are taken by your employees.

Indoor Air Quality

We measure our calories and our steps every day for our health, but why not measure the air that we breathe indoors? Here at HealthMed, we have made great strides in both technology and innovation to help protect people from breathing unclean air.  When you breathe unclean air, side effects can include lack of productivity, lack of attentiveness, respiratory diseases, and certain types of cancer. We integrate a wide range of customizable indoor air quality devices and techniques into your wellness plan for your school or place of business, from indoor air quality monitors and aerial purifiers, to microfilm applications that allow the walls to clean the air for you!