How does a company demonstrate a commitment to the health and wellness of its employees? By creating a corporate culture that encourages everyone to take an active role in managing his or her health. HealthMed’s business is rooted in prevention and early detection of member health risks before they turn into significant medical expenses. To uncover these health risks, HealthMed uses state-of-the-art technology to collect accurate and meaningful health information for the company and each employee through biometric testing.


We have designed our screening process to manage high volumes of employee screenings, and yet be flexible enough to reach remote locations if needed. Our onsite Biometric Testing provides a convenient way to assess an employee’s basic health and wellness indicators, including:

In addition to onsite biometric health screenings, HealthMed can also provide extensive health tests including: Lung capacity, skin/sun damage assessment, flexibility/stretch analysis, tobacco (nicotine/cotinine) test and A1C/Diabetes.

Our Screening Process

A HealthMed screening specialist will conduct the test in a friendly and professional manner. The results will be clearly explained and goal setting tips and ideas offered. This serves to create member awareness of potential health problems and health conditions, which will assist in motivating employees to make positive lifestyle and behavioral changes due to test results.

Why We Are Different

At HealthMed, we go the extra mile. We develop a “health picture” by integrating the data from the biometric screening and the participants’ responses to a simple questionnaire that details the self-reported personal medical history, lifestyle health habits, and readiness to change. HealthMed’s clinical staff will carefully analyze this data to identify participants who may be at risk for future or undiagnosed health problems. Besides identifying employees who are in a high-risk category, we take this “extra step” to motivate your employees to monitor their health by connecting them with available wellness initiatives.

Biometric Screenings Include The Following

Aggregate Level Reporting

HealthMed offers customizable aggregate reports of your Biometric screening data.

Health Education Materials

HealthMed offers health education materials and tabletop health exhibits to participants.

Health Coaching

Each screening includes a brief one-on-one session with a health coach to review results and provide education.

Health Risk Assessment

Our Health Risk Assessment provides immediate feedback about your risk for developing chronic conditions.

Individual Results

Each Participant will receive a personal copy of their biometric results, along with an explanation of healthy ranges for each measurement.

Team Lead At Each Event

Each screening will have a dedicated team leader who will coordinate the event and customize it to meet the needs of your unique population.