Indoor Air Quality

The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

We measure our calories and our steps every day for our health, but why not measure the indoor air quality that we breathe? Here at HealthMed, we have made great strides in both technology and innovation to help protect people from breathing unclean air.  When you breathe unclean air, side effects can include lack of productivity, lack of attentiveness, respiratory diseases, and certain types of cancer. We integrate a wide range of customizable indoor air quality devices and techniques into your wellness plan for your school or place of business, from indoor air quality monitors and aerial purifiers to microfilm applications that allow the walls to clean the air for you!

How Measuring Indoor Air Quality Helps

Indoor air quality resources are available via the EPA to use their available resources to learn how to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning. There are many factors contributing to declining IAQ. Our services can help determine recommended air cleaners and or filters that are needed. We can make recommendations to prevent indoor air pollutants by cleaning air ducts or through careful monitoring. 

Air Quality can suffer due to natural disasters, such as flooding, wildfires, power outages, and more. Learn how to better prepare for you these emergency situations here. The detrimental health effects from indoor air pollutants can be experienced immediately after exposure or can take years to surface. We can reduce the impact of these by creating and maintaining a safe and healthy indoor environment before, during, and after emergencies.