Want to start exercising but don’t know where to start? Here are 3 tips that can help jumpstart your exercise journey!

1. Find Something You Can Stick With
Think through types of exercise you know that you don’t enjoy. If you dread going on a run, try something else. There are countless ways to get exercise and if you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll be more likely to stick to that routine. Some common forms of exercise are:
       -Weight training
       -At home workouts
       -Walking groups
       -Running/biking outside
       -Group Classes (barre, spinning, etc.)

Lots of gyms and fitness studios give either a free or a discounted trial. Try out a number of different classes and exercise settings to find one that best suits you!

2. Schedule and Plan it Out
Starting to exercise is just like establishing any other habit in your life. It requires intentional planning in order to make room for it. Decide when you’re going to exercise each week, lay out or pack your workout clothes ahead of time and set yourself up for success by having everything realistically planned out.

3. Start Small and Make One Change at a Time
When you first start back exercising, start small and know that establishing this new routine is more important than lifting the heaviest weight possible and going 5 days a week. Give your schedule, your motivation and your body time to adjust to this new routine!