Brokers & Consultants

Who We Serve - Brokers

We understand that, as a consultant, your reputation is at stake when you make a recommendation. Offering a comprehensive wellness program to your clients is one very effective way to save them money.

By partnering with HealthMed for onsite wellness services, you are providing your customers with an affordable, high-quality service that is vital to reducing health risks which in turn lowers health care costs. As an added benefit, your clients will see increased productivity and decreased absenteeism and workers’ compensation costs.

  • Quality and Clinical Excellence – Our internal, trained Screening Specialists administer the tests in a friendly and professional manner.
  • Serves All – HealthMed performs health screenings right on the job site and supports companies of varying sizes and locations.
  • Core Competency – Onsite health screenings are HealthMed’s core business, not a secondary line of business.
  • Experience – HealthMed has over 20 years of health screening experience.
  • Program Management – HealthMed’s program management solution minimizes the effort required by your customers to manage on-site wellness programs. We understand the need to provide seamless integration, industry-leading partners, high-levels of member engagement, and effective ROI.