It is no surprise that in 2021, more people than ever are trying to focus on getting healthier. The past year posed more obstacles towards healthy living than ever before due to limited access to gyms and new levels of everyday stress. Many people are trying to make up for lost time and find a new rhythm of healthy living this year. Thankfully for companies that participate in corporate wellness programs, their employees have access to unlimited health coaching to help them reach their goals this year.  

What is Health Coaching?

What is health coaching? In the corporate setting, health coaching pairs employees with qualified health coaches who will connect primarily on a one-on-one basis to help employees identify changes they want to make and to find the motivation to reach their goals. The health coach guides the employee through what wellness goals they want to focus on, provides resources to reach those goals, and helps to make a plan to conquer obstacles as they come. The health coach also serves as accountability as they can check in as often as the employee wants for encouragement and continued support.  

How Employees Benefit from Coaching?

It is obvious to see how employees profit from health coaching, but how does it benefit the company or organization itself? Below are some of the convincing reasons why your company would benefit from health coaching: 

  1. Health coaching has a measurable impact on costs. In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, health coaching caused hospitalizations to go down by 10% and cut health and pharmacy costs by 3.6% per employee per month.  
  2. Providing health coaching makes employees feel valued. It is no secret that employees love benefits and perks that are offered to them through their company. Adding a valuable resource like health coaching can make employees feel like they are cared for and taken care of which increases their overall job satisfaction.  
  3. A well-trained health coach doesn’t just focus on fitness. It’s true that exercise and nutrition are major factors when it comes to health, but a qualified health coach takes a more holistic approach when it comes to coaching. They understand the role that mental health, stress, and social factors play in the success or failure of wellness goals. Employees will be encouraged to take steps to improve their lives in multiple areas for the sake of their overall health and wellbeing.  
  4. Health coaches help employees understand their health data. A lot of companies offer biometric screenings for their employees where they are given health information such as their cholesterol or blood pressure numbers. Without proper coaching and follow-up, this information is often useless to employees. Health coaches can take the time to explain what each number not only means but ways the employee can improve these numbers that will make a lasting impact on their health. By coaching individuals in the early stages of elevated biometric numbers, we can prevent the development of future health complications.