Weight Training 101

The first thing to figure out when starting a weight training routine is what type of strength training you’ll be doing. This is dependent on the equipment that’s available to you as well as your goals and personal preference. Almost any type of strength training can be done at home including body weight exercises, dumbbells or barbells.

Tips for Working Out at Home

  1. You can start with just your body weight. Body weight workouts are an extremely effective way to strength train and often require no equipment at all. Building an equipment free workout circuit might be easier than you think! Simply choose 4-6 body weight exercises, perform each exercise for 15 reps, and repeat for three sets. Some great body weight exercises to start with are:

2. Begin with two days a week and build up. Ideally, you should try to aim to strength train two to five days per week, but work your way up – starting off at five days a week might shock your body or cause injury.

3. When you are using weights, know how much to use. Different exercises will require different weights, but there are some markers that can help guide you towards the right resistance, whether you’re using dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells. Go for a weight that feels heavy enough to challenge you, but not so heavy that you sacrifice your form. For example, if you’re doing 15 reps, you should feel pretty fatigued by the time you hit rep 15.

4. Always put safety first! If you are lifting heavy weights, then have a spotter there and educate yourself on proper lifting techniques. Make sure to take it slow at the beginning and allow your body time to adjust to this new routine!