We are getting to the time of the year where the kids are well into their summer break, the summer heat is at its peak, and there might not be much going on around us. This combination can cause boredom during the month of July, and it is why we recognize national anti-boredom month during this time.

When fighting off boredom, it is important to know what the symptoms are and the reasons why we get bored. Typically, we associate being bored with having nothing to do, however, that is not always the case. Many times, we have plenty to do, but the task at hand does not stimulate our minds – it may be repetitive or not challenging enough for our brain. When we find ourselves getting bored, we can become irritable, tired, or lazy. We may try to seek out stimulation to relieve the boredom. Depending on what we seek, it may be good or bad for us. We can form good habits or bad addictions.

Finding creative and healthy ways to help overcome boredom will improve our lives and make summer more enjoyable. Once causes of boredom are identified, approach those causes with a set of positive challenges:

  1. Get physical – Exercise not only provides stimuli but also gives you a change of scenery and improves health. Take a new class, spend a day at a pool, or go on a family hike. Anything that can get you moving and out of the house can help get rid of the boredom!
  2. Play – Keeping your mind active with board games is both fun and good for your brain!
  3. Learn – Read a book, take a class, or visit a museum.
  4. Cook – Getting creative with new recipes can be both fun and healthy!
  5. Volunteer – Helping someone who needs something more than you often makes us reassess why we are bored in the first place.
  6. Get creative – Sometimes when we are bored, we need to get creative. Try to think outside of the box for ways to keep your body and mind active. Take the family to a rock climbing gym, rent kayaks at a nearby state park, build a garden in your back yard, or go for a bike ride in your neighborhood or city.

Whatever you choose to do to beat the boredom this summer, do not be afraid to get creative and get moving!