HealthMed, Inc.

HealthMed, Inc. is a health and wellness company that provides solutions to help employers build and maintain a healthy workforce. We deliver health information, expert advice, and professional services when and where needed.


HealthMed was established in 1997 when owner and founder, Tracy Webster, saw a need to help encourage, educate, and empower the community towards a healthier way of life. He started by providing point-of-care testing for hospital systems and employer groups. Point-of-care testing provides results in real-time, instead of hours or days, therefore shifting the focus to prevention, early detection, and managing chronic conditions. Through these interactions, he recognized the challenges faced by employers in managing rising health care costs. To help employers meet these challenges, he diversified and started developing comprehensive wellness programs.

HealthMed has grown to support the continuum of health across diverse populations under Tracy’s leadership and expertise. HealthMed is widely used as a resource for customizing programs and services that impact employee health and productivity. Tracy’s aspiration to bring health and wellness to all populations has led him to launch another adventure, Impact Life Group. Tracy remains at HealthMed as the CFO and a valued member of the Advisory Board.


Robin Webster is the CEO of HealthMed. Robin joined HealthMed full-time in 2003 to run the Biometric Screenings division. She believes that knowledge is power and knowing is the first step to making a change. Her dedication and hard work to this industry have made her a powerhouse and a force to contend with in the wellness industry.

HealthMed specializes in designing health and wellness programs that are customized to meet the needs of each company’s employees. These programs are built and designed to encourage employees to take responsibility for their health and lifestyle choices. Through relationships with our vendors, HealthMed offers products and services that provide the most up-to-date technology as well as bringing the “Human Touch” to each person. Part of our passion in providing the best of care to our clients, and what makes our program stand apart from others, is our practice of going onsite to coach our clients face-to-face quarterly. We believe that wellness programs should not just provide a Return on Investment to employers, they should provide a Return on Individual for employees as well.