Having trouble getting in enough exercise each week? It may be because you don’t find it enjoyable. The honest truth is that people rarely exercise if they don’t enjoy it, even though they know it’s good for them. So what do you do if you just aren’t one of the lucky ones who naturally finds running a 5k or lifting weights fun? There are plenty of other non-traditional ways to get in your exercise that you may find easier to get excited about. Search for something that you find fun and that you truly enjoy, and suddenly exercising won’t feel like a chore but like a welcomed break from your busy day. Your mind and your body will thank you, trust me.

Here are 10 alternative ways to get in exercise:

  1. Nature trails-Find a nature trail close to your house where you can walk, run, or ride a bike. Being outside can do wonders for your mood as well! Need extra motivation? Invite a friend to come with you!
  2. Hiking-If you’re lucky enough to live close to any hiking trails, this can be a great way to get in exercise and really get your heart rate up without getting bored. Don’t live close to any hiking trails? Plan a vacation or a day trip with your buddies to one!
  3. Group fitness classes-Ok, so this one still involves going to the gym, but group fitness classes are not like your traditional gym workout. There are a plethora of classes to choose from like cycling, zumba, yoga, and many more. Pick one or two classes that you really enjoy and you’ll find yourself looking forward to seeing the regulars at each class! The fun music and upbeat attitudes of everyone there will have you grinning from ear to ear while still breaking a sweat.
  4. Join a team-Lots of cities these days have city league sport teams you can join. They range from soccer, to softball, to ultimate frisbee, and more, depending on the city. You’ll quickly be welcomed into their community and feel like you belong there. This is a great opportunity to start a league that could keep you active for years to come!
  5. Walk outside-I already mentionedwalking at a nature trail, but what about in your neighborhood while you’re on the phone? Call up an old friend to catch up and you’ll finish the conversation feeling great physically and socially!
  6. Dance-There’s so many different styles of dance you can try. Whether it’s taking dance lessons with your significant other, or attending a swing dancing night at a local studio, this is a great way to get your blood pumping. You’ll also impress your friends and family with your new dance moves the next time you go to a wedding reception!
  7. Bike-They say you never forget how to ride a bike, and for some people it can be a nostalgic experience that reminds them of their childhood. Make it part of your weekly routine with your significant other to go for a bike ride after dinner once or twice a week and enjoy some fresh air!
  8. Go to the park-Have a dog or any kids? Treat both them and yourself by going to the park together. Walking to the park or doing pull-ups and tricep dips on the playground equipment can be a great way to get in some exercise without being stuck in a gym.
  9. Indoor rock climbing– See if there’s a rock wall in your area and bring a friend with you to try it out! If you find it fun and make it a habit to go weekly, it is an amazing workout, especially for your upper body.
  10. Don’t meet up for coffee-Do you go to coffee shops often to meet up with friends just so you have a place to hang out together? Next time offer to meet up at a park or an open field instead and talk and enjoy each other’s company while throwing a baseball or a football together.


Who said exercising couldn’t be fun? Taking care of your body and finding a way to exercise everyday helps to keep you in a healthy mindset, which leads to you making healthier decisions every single day. Get out there and make it fun!